Total Guide to Eyelash Extensions Application

Importance of Eyelash Extension

Beauty can never be complete without the application of eyelash extension. People keep on asking this question, “what is eyelash extension?” it is simply the addition of a more attractive eyelash to your natural real eyelash for more beautification. It is very vital to note that beauty as it stands is not complete until eyelash extensions are applied. This is exactly why you cannot see any female celebrity that walks the red carpet reception without this on her eyes. It actually makes ladies look stunning especially when it goes with complementary make-ups as well as the designer dresses.

It is a fact that most ladies are not into make-up fashion. The reason remains that they have not been able to come in contact with experts in eyelash extensions or on the other hand seen someone who has it perfectly fixed. Eyelash extensions play vital role in fashion to showcase the facial beauty of a lady. This is why we as the best eyelash extensions in Ottawa provides our clients with that perfect look they have been dreaming of, in order to attract those many other to the fashion world.

There are so many good attributes of eyelash extensions and they include;

  • It makes you look stunning
  • It changes your facial outlook
  • It makes you look sophisticated and important, etc.


Guide to Application


No Make-ups before Application

It is always advisable to appear in an eyelash extension studio without any make-ups. This has quite a lot of benefits both to you and the technician. As a matter of fact, if your face is bare, it goes a long way to enable the expert examine you. He can give a professional advice on the type of eyelash extension to apply. Secondly, it will be easier to glue eyelash extensions to non curled eyelash than this can only be achieved if your face is not treated and your eyelash still straight.

Also, bare-face will keep your face dry and free from any form of liquid such as; oil, water, cream, etc. it is very important to know that wetted face or eyelash will affect the perfect bonding of the adhesive that will be used to glue eyelash extensions to your eyelash.

Prepare Adequately for the Appointment

It is very vital to note that eyelash extension application is not a one-minute task. It takes hours to fix. This is because; eye is a sensitive part of the body and as a result utmost care and precautions must be taken when applying the eyelash extensions. If you are thinking of going for eyelash extensions, you must have to consider your schedule. This simply means to create adequate time for it. Most times, working class ladies do reserve this activity during weekends or holidays to enable them relax and get it done perfectly.


Go for Customized Eyelash Extensions

The best eyelash extension application is always the one that is unique to you alone. You can get customized eyelash extension application from best studios in town. One of the best eyelash extensions in Ottawa can be found in Please note that if you really want to look stunning, you must have to go for customized application. However, customized eyelash extension application is very expensive. This is why you should not go to anyhow studio for it. is there for you in order to get that perfect look you dreamt of.

Thus; it is worthy of note that in, we also do the work of consultation. This means you can never be confused as to what to do. We are always at your disposal to give the best services you can ever get in Ottawa.


Avoid Cluster Lashes

Cluster lashes are three strands that are glued to just one of your real eyelash strand. People go for this just to make their eyelash extensions very thick and voluminous. Unfortunately, it does more harm than good. Cluster lashes only end up weighing down your real eyelashes as a result of their weight. This will not only make you uncomfortable but also will lead to early shedding of both your real eyelashes and the attached eyelash extensions. As a matter of fact, this is always very painful and will automatically change your facial outlook. In fact, it makes you look dull as if you just woke up from sleep.


Initial Weird Feeling

It may interest you to note that your first time of fixing eyelash extension will always keep your feeling weird. It will seem your eyes are too heavy. It will take you days to get used to your new application. It will definitely affect your sleeping pattern in the sense that you must have to sleep in a position as to not to shed them especially sleeping without facing downwards or sideways.


Make-ups and Cream Adjustment

Since wet face affects the glue of the eyelash extensions, it is very vital you create other alternative applying your cream. However, you can still apply your cream on other parts of the body other than the face. If you must apply to the face, avoid the forehead and eyes. This is because; cream on the forehead can roll down as soon as you start sweating. The eyelash extension adhesives are not good with wet surfaces as this do not enable them to glue fast. Nevertheless, you have to suffer this just for a while to enable proper bonding of the adhesives.


Precaution on Face Showering

Much precautions should be taken when apply water to the face. In fact, it is advisable to avoid face shower for those periods when the bonding is taking place. Shower bathing is not to the best interest of the fresh eyelash extension user because the water comes down from top. Bath tub is preferred in this case so as to control where water touches on your body.


In addition to the above guide, it is also very important you brush your eyelash extensions regularly to enable it retain its curls. On the other hand, do not pick on them even when your eyes itches you rather you can go for its complete removal. All these precautions and many more can only be derived from the best eyelash extensions in Ottawa and fortunately, happens to be one of them.

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