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Volume lashes are created by using multiple lightweight extensions with thinner diameters and creating a fan and placing the fans on each natural lash, the result is that you get a thicker darker fuller lash line versus classic extensions which use one extension to one natural lash. Hollywood volume lashes are easier and quicker to apply. You can apply a full set in the same amount of time as a classic. In two hours or less, and with Hollywood volume technique you can forget the lash maps. No mapping is necessary as extensions are bonded according to the clients own natural lash cycle. We use multiple lengths across the entire lash line making lashes appear more natural and it will create a more beautiful texture. This also allows the extension to appear more natural as they shed over time eliminating a messy appearance and obvious gaps where fans have shed. This technique will give off a more natural and messy look. Although, this gives it a more natural look than the Russian Volume, the voluminous and full effect is still achievable since we still use volume lashes for this technique.

Refill / New Set
Hollywood Volume
$ 50 / 89
Catchy Volume
$ 50 / 99

russian volume

With Russian volume lashes, several hairs are placed on one natural lash, which can also be done with Hollywood volume lashes. For Russian volume, the placement ranges from 2 to 20 lashes on one natural eyelash. Every grouping of lashes are fanned out, which gives the voluminous look. The Russian Volume method requires lash mapping, which can create a perfect symmetry and can take up to three hours to completely the desired full set look. The big difference between Russian and Hollywood is in the length. Russian volume, for the most part, use the same length throughout according to the mapping, whereas with Hollywood volume, the length will depend on your natural lash length. The Russian volume will give off a more symmetrical, perfect, and a natural or voluminous look.

Refill / New Set
$ 50 / 119
$ 50 / 129
$ 59 / 149
$ 59 / 165

mega volume

Refill / New Set
$ 79 / 199


Classic extensions which use one extension to one natural lash, this gives a soft and natural extension.

Refill / New Set
$ 50 / 115
* The refill Prices are for 2 Weeks.


lash tint
Brows tint
Brows tint & Wax


Full face
Side Burn
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Full arm
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I love going to catchy beauty . Joey tAkes her time to make sure everything is perfect and that You’re happy . the prices are exceptional and if you’re a loyal client they’re loyal to you, wouldn’t go anywhere else
Kasey Baird
It is very nice place for eyelash extensions. I got served by the lash tech Vie. She paid close attention to my lashes and chose the right size of eyelash extensions cuz I'm wearing glasses. She was very kind and helpful that she gave me some tips for aftercare before I left. Highly recommended Catchy Beauty 🙂
Alisa Agoie
I just got my lashes done by Vie today, and she was fabulous. First of all, the venue is spacious and clean, with super relaxing music so it's very welcoming. The owner was very professional and talked me through everything. One thing she did which no other technician has ever done with me is a glue test to ensure that I won't react to glue on my eyes. She made me feel very comfortable and made sure I had no issues throughout the process. Vie, the tech who applied my lashes, was careful, gentle and focussed. She also checked up on me throughout to make sure I was comfortable throughout the process. One thing I also appreciated was that the owner came in when Vie was done and quality checked. She truly cared and wanted to make sure I left happy with the results. I highly recommend Catchy Beauty for lash extensions!!
Jennyfer B
Amazing extensions the best I’ve ever seen! They are so clean and professional they know what they’re doing!! Plus they do what is best for your eye shape so it always looks amazing and the actual lash they use to put on is fluttery and perfect so it turns out looking so pretty! Overall great place great staff GREAT TECHNIQUE! Will always be going there, they turn out beautiful every time, the only place I recommend to everyone
Chronically Liza
By far the cleanest and the most professional but comfortable service i have had with beauty services. Vie did my lashes and i was passed out asleep the whole time she was so gentle. Its been 6 weeks and still have some lashes left! Highly recommend!
Monica Corbet
Russian Volume / Hollywood Volume / Mega Volume / Waxing / Tinting / Lash Lift / Microblading
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Russian Volume / Hollywood Volume / Mega Volume / Waxing / Tinting / Lash Lift / Microblading
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