Cancellation/No Show/Late Policies
Catchy Beauty


  1. Cancellation/ No Show Policy for Catchy Beauty Appointments
  • Reschedule/ cancelation should be noticed at least 24 hours
  • Last-Minute Cancellations
    • Due to the large time slot needed for the majority of the services, last-minute cancellations can cause problems and added expenses for our business.
    • If your appointment is cancelled within 24-hours before your scheduled appointment we will mark it down as a last-minute cancellation.
  • No-Shows
    • We understand that there are times when you must miss an appointment due to emergencies or obligations for work or family. However, when you do not call to cancel an appointment, you may be preventing another client from booking the slot you have. 
    • Conversely, the situation may arise where another client fails to cancel and we are unable to schedule you for a visit, due to a seemingly “full” schedule.
    • With that being said, you will be marked as a No-Show.
  • Reschedules
    • There is some leniency with rescheduling, depending on the situation within the 24-hours before the scheduled appointment, we will not mark the appointment as a cancellation if it were rescheduled. 
    • However, if rescheduling is done more than once, we will be considering that as a last-minute cancellation.
    • It is advised to schedule an appointment when you can guarantee that you will come. We will try our best to schedule your appointment as closely to your available time as possible.
  • Two counts of last-minute cancellations & no-shows on record
    • If there are ONE counts of last-minute cancellations and no-shows, you will be charged deposit a  $35 deposit fee to rebook the appointment to rebook the appointment.
    • If there are TWO counts of last-minute cancellations and no-shows, you will be charged $40 cancelation fee and deposit a  $35 deposit fee to rebook the appointment
    • The deposit fee will be going towards your service total and will be non refundable if you cancel the appointment in 24 hours ( or in the last minutes). Please seek Example (1) below for a better understanding.
    • There are some exceptions:
      • If you have been coming in promptly and consistently for a year (for 10+ appointments) but have 2 previous counts of penalties, we will waive the 2 counts.
  • Failure to send a non-refundable deposit
    • Failing to deposit 24-hours prior to your scheduled appointment, it may result in appointment cancellation. Seek Example (2) for a better understanding.
    • Once-failing to make a deposit, you will be subjected to having to make a deposit before wishing to make any future appointments with us.


Example (1):
(service and price shown is set as an example for better understanding, may change depending on service and pricing)

  1. 2 Last-minute Cancellations & No-Shows
  2. Books a (Hybrid new-set) service with us
  3. Notified to pay $40 cancelation fee and to make a non-refundable deposit fee of $35 for any new bookings 
  4. Sent total of $75 (cancelation fee and deposit)
  5. completed the (Hybrid New-set: 119+tax) service
  6. $35 is deducted from the total and will be paying the remaining balance ($99.47)

Example (2):

  1. 1 Last-minute Cancellations & No-Shows
  2. Notified to make a non-refundable deposit fee of $35 for any new bookings 
  3. Failed to send a deposit of $35 prior to 24-hours of scheduled service
  4. Scheduled appointments will be cancelled
  5. You will now need to send a deposit before wishing to make any future appointments with us


  1. Late for Scheduled Appointments

We understand that delays can happen however we must try to keep our technicians and clients on schedule. 

  • 10 to 15  Minutes Late
  • If a client is 15 minutes past their scheduled time we may have to reschedule the appointment. If you still want to do the service, the technician will do as full as she can in the rest of the time and you still have to pay the full price service. 
  • We may be lenient depending on the situation, there will be times when the technician is running late, we will therefore notify any later clients of delay; 
    • If possible, notify us if you are running late and we can schedule accordingly.
  • 20 Minutes Late:
  • if beyond 20 minutes late, we will reschedule and will mark your initial appointment as a No-Show.
    • Will be counted towards your TWO counts of last-minute cancellations and no-shows. Seek Example (2) above for a better understanding.

*** If you had more than 3 times Cancelation last minutes/ no show, we have a right to refuse to book your future appointments.


With all those in consideration, we sincerely hope we do not have to resort to these penalties and trust that our dear clients will arrive promptly and schedule accordingly


Please understand this is for our business to run smoothly with minimal inconveniences for both our staff and clients. This will greatly help maximize our abilities in serving you with the highest quality of services. We understand that uncontrollable situations will happen (especially with Covid-19), feel free to give us a call or a text message (whichever best works for you) via 613 699-0888 so we can discuss any questions about appointments and services you may have and we will try the best to our ability to help you.


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