Things You Really Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions

What is Eyelash Extensions?

It is very vital to understand what is it really about before diving into it. They are artificial eyelashes that are glued to the natural eyelash thereby making them more pronounced as well as more beautiful on your face. Are you looking for more facial beauty? This is your opportunity. There is nothing that makes the face of a lady as attractive as your lashes. This is exactly why virtually all celebrities go for it. It is as a matter of fact, very affordable to even lower class ladies who still want to be relevant in the beauty world. One special attribute of lash extension is that it gives the carrier a faster recognition. As a result, turns more faces around to the beauty queen.

Semi-permanent eyelash extension has answered the question to most ladies who are lazy in the morning applying make-ups. As a matter of fact, you do not need to be fixing it again and again at all time. It does not fall off your face maybe while you are on your bed. With a very durable eyelash extension adhesive, you can be sure of a longer lasting eyelash extension on your face.

However, all you need to do is get access to a well-recognized eyelash extensions studio where experts can work on you. You do not have any choice than to look so stunning in your outfit when next you show up on a red carpet occasion. One of such well-certified eyelash extensions studio is found in Ottawa. 

Below are all you really need to know about eyelash extensions;

Eyelash extensions are very durable

It is very common to think that eyelash extensions are for short-term beautification. Most ladies think that it is an everyday stuff where you have to fix it over and over again on a daily bases. No! it is not so. Eyelash extensions are very durable. With very good eyelash extension adhesive used, your artificial eyelash can go a long way. Interestingly, good eyelash extension glue can hold eyelash as long as a month and a half. Although, it is recommended you always check in about two (2) or three (3) weeks interval for little touches by experts to enable it to stay even longer without adverse effects. 

They should be Removed Professionally

It is also very worthy of note that you do not work on your eyelash in order to remove them. This is because; you may not be able to remove them correctly. It is usually the responsibility of the experts in this field to remove these eyelashes using the right and approved tools. Such professionals can be found at Catchy Beauty. Since this is where you can get the best eyelash extensions in Ottawa, then it demands that they can also give you the best in eyelash extension removal. Nevertheless, it may interest you to know that eyelash extensions do fall out on their own especially when the natural eyelashes are shedding off. This takes a longer period but can help for those that do not have enough dough for the experts to remove them.


It is a Much Luxurious Moment

At Catchy Beauty, eyelash extensions fixing is a luxurious process indeed. It is actually an enjoyable and relaxing period for our clients. You relax on a bed while the experts work. Cool background music feels the air softly which makes it even more enjoyable in your private room. This is why our clients keep on introducing more people to us because they cannot get it better elsewhere.


Eyelash Extensions can go with Make-ups Too

Unbelievably, eyelash extensions do not go alone. You can apply other make-ups along with it on your face. Applying oil or liquid free make-ups close to your eyes cannot do you any harm. As a matter of fact, oil or liquid free make-ups to your eyes cannot weaken the eyelash extension. So, while you apply any make-up on other parts of your face, caution should be taken on what comes close or in contact with your eyelash extensions. Mascara should not come in at all except you are about to go for eyelash extensions removal soon enough. Mascara can simply make your eyelash extensions crusty and as a result, can lead to its damage.


You can Customize Each Eyelash Extension Experience

Yes of course! You can make each eyelash extension fixing a memorable one. Catchy Beauty as one of the best eyelash extensions in Ottawa can help you customize every eyelash extension fixing experience. There are so many features that can vary from one eyelash extension fixing to another. The following are some of the variations;

The length of the eyelash can vary. You can decide on which length to go on. This makes your eyelash extension unique and special from the ones you see every day on the streets. We can help you make this choice as professionals.


Extensions can ruin your Eyelashes if not apply properly.

It is however worthy of note that even though eyelash extensions make you have a stunning facial look, it can also be harmful to your natural eyelashes. How? This can occur when you try to remove them by yourself. Quite a lot of people have completely removed the artificial eyelashes along with the natural ones thereby leaving no eyelash at all. The good news is that it is not a permanent deformation though could be very painful. You have experienced this; all you need to do is apply oil such as Vaseline to that portion of your eyes. After a period of about a month, you eyelashes will definitely grow back. Thus; it is highly recommended you employ the services of professionals whenever you wish to remove your eyelash extensions. Such services can be gotten from

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