Home care for your eyelash extensions

For the first 24 hours and long term care of your lashes please:

  • Do not allow lashes to get wet.
  • Avoid steam – so no spas, saunas, hot tubs, hot yoga, or cooking in a steamy kitchen. Steam will affect the adhesive from bonding properly. Do not swim
  • Do not rub, perm, or tint your lashes before or after lash extension application
  • Do not rub your eyes or lashes when washing your face – cleanse around the eyes with a wash cloth, or Q-tip
  • Do not pull on your lash extensions – as you’re likely to pull out your natural lash with it
  • DO NOT USE MASCARA ON YOUR LASHES. Mascara will mess up your eyelash extensions and also damage your real natural lashes.
  • Do not use a waxy, greasy, or oil based eyeliner or eye shadow during and beyond the first 24hours, this compromises the adhesive and will result in lash extension loss.
  • Do not remove the extensions on your own, please seek assistance from your eyelash technician.
  • Do not cut your extensions, you risk cutting your own lashes and altering the natural appearance of the lash extensions.
  • Do not dry your lashes by towel, please use napkin. Always brush your lashes in the morning and at night, at least twine a day.

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