All You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions Adhesives

Why You Should Go for A licensed studio?


You may begin by asking, what is eyelash extension? This is an artificial eyelash that can be fixed to the natural eyelash in order to add more facial beauty to the client. Nowadays, eyelash extension is one of the commonest practices in beauty industry. It is however an everyday thing for celebrities and even ladies from all works of life. It may interest you to note that beauty in the modern days is not complete except eyelash extension is applied.

Now, what is eyelash extension adhesive? Eyelash extensions adhesive on the other hand is simply glue which is used to attach fake lash to the eyelash. Can you imagine staying for over two (2) hours with your eye steadily fixed at a point while someone tries to fix an artificial eyelash on your eye? It actually looks so outrageous but for the sake of beauty, it is worth doing. As a matter of fact, eyes happen to be one of the most sensitive parts of the body. As a result of this, it should be handled with utmost care. It is very vital to note that such a sensitive part of the body should be tended by an expert who has been certified by a government recognized assessment body. Also, it will be wise of you to get this service in a studio that has long standing experience in the field of beautification. However, there are factors which will enable you to determine where these experts can be found;

  • The number of years of existence of an eyelash extensions studio
  • Do the studio has a license from government
  • How do they handle extreme cases especially a condition where the client has a facial infection, reaction or adverse effect
  • How sophisticated are the tools and equipments which they use for the eyelash extension attachment or removal.

These factors above will help you identify the right eyelash studio to visit when you need your eyelash extensions fixed. Nevertheless, it is worthy of note that there are many good eyelash extension studio around. Interestingly, the best eyelash extensions in Ottawa can be found in


What is Eyelash Extensions Glue?

Of course; as the name sound, this is an adhesive used by eyelash experts to attach false lash to the eyeslashes. In other words, it can be seen as a semi viscous fluid which requires a very low temperature for best result. It attaches the artificial eyelash to the natural. The two remains attached until the natural gradually gives way for the artificial to replace it.


Properties of Good Eyelash Extensions Adhesives

Below are some of the properties of a good eyelash extension adhesive;

  • It is usually non allergenic
  • It is also non toxic. In other words, it is not harmful to the eye or body
  • It has high price tag, mild or no fragrance, high bonding strength, shorter curing time with no adverse effect and of course; longer lasting.


Why we are the Best in Ottawa

Catchy Beauty as the best eyelash extensions in Ottawa has quite a lot to offer to their clients. At Catchy Beauty, we provided the clients with product details. This enables them to assess the product that is to be used on their eyes. It also creates room for them to consult experts who advices them against any negative effect of such product. In other words, we provide flexibility to our clients on choices they make.


Possible Causes of Reactions to Eyelash Extensions Adhesives

Reactions cannot just occur. Nevertheless, it is worthy of not that reactions vary from one client to another. This simply means that what may be good for a client might end up having an adverse effect on another client. As a matter of fact, there are ingredients which must unavoidably cause reactions on clients when present in eyelash extension glue. Some of these ingredients are;

  • Carbon black
  • Cyanoacrylate

Carbon black is useful especially in increasing the bonding strength of an adhesive whereas Cyanoacrylate is a very important chemical that is used in the production of eyelash extension adhesive. Although they may be very important ingredients but they can sometimes cause irritation on the skin of some clients.

It is very vital to identify which adhesive that has adverse effect on your skin. This will enable the experts detect which ingredients that should be avoided. However, it is advisable to report any irritation once observed so as to enable the professionals remove the glue at once. Thus; a mild eyelash extension adhesive can be applied.


What to do when there is An Adverse Effect or Reaction

If you are experiencing an adverse effect when eyelash extension adhesive is applied or even after removal, the best option is to consult a medical expert. Clients are usually advised to ensure we know their experience in our previous service to them. This will help us to proffer an alternative or even bring a lasting solution to the problem of the clients. We also employ the services of well experienced experts to ensure you are served the best. However, we have group of individuals whose expertise in this field cannot be overemphasize, who can give professional advice on any area you need help.

On our site, you can discover quite a lot of testimonies on our services to other clients. As it stands now, we are the leading eyelash extension studio in Ottawa. This is as a result of our mouth watering services which we have rendered to clients in the time past. They cannot stop talking about us. This is why we remain the best eyelash extensions in Ottawa.

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