Ottawa lash extension training course

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At Catchy Beauty, you’re learning from some of the best technicians in the business. As 2nd-place winners in the 2018 Lash Global Championships, we are always staying up-to-date on the latest techniques in the industry… and we love sharing our knowledge and passion with our students.




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We offer two sets of classes—Basic and Advanced.

Please note: applicants must have completed basic eyelash extension training before taking the advanced course.


Classic Eyelash Extensions Course

With the basic course, you learn all the theory and application behind a classic lash set—the perfect introduction to lash extensions.

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Course

The advanced course helps you build on the fundamental techniques you learn in the basic class, to take your skills even further.

Classic & Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Courses (package)

By registering for both courses at the same time, you’ll get the knowledge you need to become a lash technician in Canada.

Learn from masters in the art of lash extensions

Our technicians have learned from worldwide masters in the art of lash extensions. Become the best in the business by developing your skills from some of the most talented lash masters in Ottawa.

Classic Course

– Hygiene and safety
– History of eyelash extension
– Types of Eyelash Extensions
– Phases in Lash Growth Cycle
– Some diseases you might encounter when doing lash extensions for clients
– Description of Classic Eyelash Extensions
– Lash Supplies (Thickness, Length, Curl)
– How to Test Lash Adhesive for Client
– Adhesive drying conditions

– Preparation Steps
– Performing the Service
– Correct types of working with tweezers
– Patch application technique
– How to apply a single lash.
– Effect of natural shape
– Effects of other shapes
– Meeting a client:
– Natural eyelashes’ condition
– Types of eyes, practice
– Applying lashes on Mannequin
– The correct way of removing eyelashes
– Practicing on live models from beginning to the end.
– Get a skill of reading your client’s mind!

***You must finish totally at least 16 hours of Theory and Practice
***You must pass the final examinations (theory + application) to get the certificate.

Russian Volume Course

– History of Russian Volume
– What are differences between Traditional Classic and Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions?
– Types of Volume extensions
– Volume Lash Thickness
– Volume Lash Curls
– Choosing the Weight and Thickness of Volume
– Eyes Shapes
– Style Effects
– Tools needed to perform Volume Lash extensions:
– Preparing to do Volume Lash Extensions
– Aftercare

– Create Fan Practicing
– Correct fan right or wrong
– Applying lashes on Mannequin
– How to maintain Volume Lashes
– The correct way of removing eyelashes
– Practicing on live models from beginning to the end.

***You must finish totally at least 20 hours of Theory and Practice
***You should keep practicing on real models on your own and take before and after pictures then send them to us
*** You must pass the application final examinations to get the certificate.

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